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  First anniversary  ( 1996 )        

Miss Michell Nguyen Thao,our MC introduce Sensei Dang thong Phong,
President of  International Tenshinkai Federation.

Miss Michell Nguyen Thao introduce Sensei Tran phu Huu.
Chief Instructor of Austin Aikido Tenshinkai Dojo.


Sensei Dang thong Phong demonstrate  new techniques for Seminar 
and his assistant, Sensei Nguyen minh Hai

Mrs. Trinh thu Thuy demonstrate some of  the self-defence techniques

Mike Rouville Fisher IV and Le Minh demonstrate " Ushiro Tori "
( techniques that  grab from behind )

Le Minh  and  Mike Rouville Fisher IV demonstrate some techniques 
of  " Tampo " ( short sticks )

Le Minh and Mike Fisher Rouville IV

Nguyen Anh Thu demonstrate some techniques of  Kokyu Nage
(  throwing  by Ki  ) 

Le Khanh and Tran huu Minh Nhut demonstrate self-defence techniques
( on  the street )

Le Thuy Ngan and Dao Thi demonstrate Aikido techniques 
by  lock  and  throw.  

Harry Nguyen Thai Hop and Tran huu Minh Triet demonstrate techniques 
of  " Tanto Tori " ( bare hands and  knifes )

Sensei Nguyen van Ky Minh Phuong give a souvenir present of Austin Aikido 
Tenshinkai Dojo to Sensei Dang thong Phong

Harry Nguyen Thai Hop represent students of Austin Aikido Tenshinkai Dojo
give " 1st year Anniversary souvenir plaque "  to 
Sensei  Tran phu Huu and Sensei Nguyen van Ky Minh Phuong

Sensei TK. Lee ( Houston ) and Sensei Dang thong Phong

Sensei Nancy, Nguyen van Ky Minh Phuong, Dang thong Phong, Tran phu Huu
and Sensei Jo Birsong ( Aikido of Austin ).

Sensei Nguyen van Ky Minh Phuong, Tran dai Hi, Dang thong Phong 
and Tran phu Huu

Sensei Tran huu Minh Triet, Tran phu Huu, Nguyen Minh Hai,
Nguyen van Ky Minh Phuong and Nguyen Thuy

Sensei Nguyen van Ky Minh Phuong, Tran huu Minh Triet, Vo Ha  
and  Jenifer  ( Aikido of Austin )

1st year Anniversary souvenir pictures of  Austin Aikido Tenshinkai Dojo.

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