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    New-year Festival at Walnut Creek School ( 1998 )

             Aikido and VN Traditional martial arts BÐ-SLC demonstrative                  
at  Walnut Creek School  in 1998 Festival                 

Mike Rouville Fisher IV demonstrate breakfall over barrier ( 3 people )                                            
  Le Khanh, Mike Rouville Fisher IV and Tran huu Minh Nhut demonstrate self-defence     
       apply to Female :  1 person to 2 people ( in the street )

 Nguyen Huan, Nguyen Luan and Tran Nguyen Dan demonstrate 
some basic techniques of  Kokyu Nage ( throwing by Ki )

 Trinh Thu Thuy and Mike Rouville Fisher IV demonstrate some techniques for
self-defence with knife ( Tanto Tori )

Nguyen Thien, Nguyen Tan, Tran Thai, Phillip Le
   demonstrate some basic techniques  for self-defence 

New year Festival at Lanier High-school ( 1999 )

Tran huu Minh Nhut and Mike Rouville Fisher demonstrate rolling over barrier

Le Khanh and Vivian Tran demonstrate breakfall over barrier  ( 3 people )

Le Khanh and Tran huu Minh Nhut demonstrate self-defence techniques
apply for Female  in the street

Vivian Tran and Tran Nguyen Dan demonstrate self-defence techniques
 with armed opponents ( knife, Tanto tori )

Trinh Thu Thuy demonstrate some high level self-defence techniques
apply for Ken ( Japan sword )

Nguyen Anh Thu and Tran huu Duy demonstrate some Kokyu Nage
( throwing by KI )

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