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Master Tran phu Huu, Chief  Instructor

Binh Ðinh - Sa Long Cuong  at Linh Son Temple, Austin ( 1998 )
Binh Ðinh - Sa Long Cuong  Team  at  Walnut Creek Elementary School ( 1998 ) 


Nguyen Quoc Dung and Tran huu Minh Anh perform " Thai Son Con "

                      Lai anh Vu and Nguyen Quoc Dung perform " Thien Su Quyen Phap "
Binh Dinh - Sa Long Cuong Team at New Year Festival  ( 1999 )


Nguyen Tai and Tran huu Minh Nhut perform " Thien Su Quyen Phap "


                                Tran huu Minh Anh perform " Yen Phi Quyen Phap "

                                        Lai Anh Vu  perform  " Trung Binh Tien "

Tran huu Minh Anh and Tran huu Duy perform " Phuong Hoang Quyen Phap " 

                         Tran huu Duy and Tran huu Minh Anh  in  " Hoi Nghi Dien Hong "

Instructor Tran phu Huu perform " Thanh Long Yem Nguyet Dao "



                         Chau Tuan and Tran Nhat Tan perform " Trung Binh Tien "
   in " 4th Anniversary of Austin Aikido Tenshinkai Dojo and 1st Aniversary  of  BÐ - SLC Association "

Sensei  Dang Thong Phong  give a gift to Vivian, one of  excellent students in Aikido Team  

 Instructor Tran phu Huu give a gift to Lai Anh Vu, one of excellent students in BÐ - SLC Team


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