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                     Second Founder :  King  Quang Trung  NGUYEN HUE    
    Tran phu Huu
                                                                            translated by Trinh thu Thuy

              It's a big  loss  for our culture because all the stuffs from the Tay Son's Dynasty had been destroyed and devastated  by the Nguyen 's Dynasty . They  beared  the principle of  killing  to the grass-root, burning down to the ground, and erasing completely  all the properties and the trace of enemies.
         Therefore, we tried to find out the life of an hero of  the pink flag and  poor clothes thru very  few documents,  legendaries of  his life, and his famous victories on  the battle fields. Particularly,  the research of  his active contribution  on the heritage of  martial-arts of  VietNam - a special aspect - encountered  many difficulties and limitations.
         Following were basically the documents that we have recalled, hope that we will receive the recommendations  and researches which  are more deeply and  exactly  from the audience.

 A. Nguyen Hue, a hero had a great will which brought the happiness to the people.

      Three brothers of Tay Son, were born in Thai Lao village, Hung Nguyen district, Nghe An province. In the middle of  the 17th century, the Nguyen ' s soldiers once  crossed the bordered of Gianh  River to force the people in Nghe An to move south to work as labors for the land exploitation.

     One of  the victim  was a  fourth  generation  ancestor of  Nguyen Hue and  his brothers. At  the generation of Nguyen phu Phuc, his  family  had  become better,  so that the three brothers had been educated. They were known as having good  knowledge.

        Scholar Hien was a close friend of the official Truong van Hanh  who was in danger because of his confrontation against  Truong phuc Loan 's power. He raised a letter to the Emperor to prosecute Truong phuc Loan 's group.

   Avoid the trouble of  relationship, scholar Hien escaped to Binh Dinh and stayed there more than 10 years. He had a pleasent to be a teacher at a small hamlet which was near by Tay Son .
       He recognized the special characteristics and attitude of three brothers of Nguyen Hue, so that he dedicated  his love to them and taught them both the martial-arts  and the litterature. Those included the poems, litterature books and the battle statics, the best traditional, undefeated martial-art  at  that time.

        Nguyen Hue was the best of the three brothers. He had a loud and clear voice as the sound of a temple bell,   his brillant eyes were similar to the light. He was sharp and intelligent,  understood  the lesson as just studying  once.  At the elder age, scholar Hien who gave all his heart to the country, just tried to produce a great  will for  three brothers of Tay Son so that they could help the country to save people.
"  The rebellion flag settled  in Tay Son.
                   Sacrified for the people to help the country.
                   Became the Emperor with a glorious decoration .
                   And remember to win the people's mind."  . . . . . .  . . . .  (1)

                  (1) The words from scholar Hien to recommend Nguyen Hue before the rebellion 
                       - Tay Son  Hidden Dragon document 1978. 

 B. A noble will to unify the nation.

  In the inauguration of Tay Son 's dynasty, Nguyen Hue stated clearly :

"... they had built the nation by themself, the disciplines of the heaven and  the earth had  colapped, couldn't be recovered. Moreover, for the last  several years, the civil war between  the North and the South caused  the suffering for people..."
                 In the agricultural society, the poor peasants who had suffered many  disasters on their shoulders, were indeed those who judged the dirty civil  war by their  activities. Nguyen Hue, a exellent leader who originated from  the peasants, a poor man who had no land had quickly become a hero of  the nation. He had the strength of people to defeat  the invasive troops to  unify the country and brought a happy life for everybody. 

 C. A military genious who 's never been defeated.

Nguyen Hue had been a knowledgeable man in both military and politics  :

              He knew how to arrange the tasks using his sharp and talented skill when using
               the assistants or settle works.

              Strictly applied the martial-art orders, quickly settled down the ordinaries and 
                         calmed down the people's mind.

"  Those southern  men ( Nguyen Hue's troop ) have applied strictly the  regulations 
         - they executed the thieves or those who were procecuted  as thieves .
         Everybody was pleased with such punishment, and  the upright of  Tay Son 's troop
         had been admired.  . . . . . . .  (3) 

       (3) Letter of Missionaire Le Roy (Nam Dinh) written to Blaudin in Paris 11/07/1786. 

          A stormy  operation in the battle field .
           Although having a peasant background, Nguyen Hue had proved that  he was really
           an exellent general, only gained victories , had never been  defeated for more than 
           20 years traversing all over the country.
          The different heroes under the ancient dynasties had the different creative tactics :

                   Ly thuong Kiet 
had " attacking first to dominate enemies " , 
                  employed the swift attacking to break the enemies' plan at the beginning.

               Tran hung Dao had the strategy to lure the enemy to enter deeply into 
                  his land,  then reattacked  to destroy them.

                Le Loi used the long term war , moved from little to large scale.

               Nguyen Hue, with his genious leadership and hid capability to organize
                   the troop  had create a people army , no matter small or large,  always had
                   a powerful and steady forward movement.

  " Stormy and sudden were the special characteristic
                in the battle tactic of  Nguyen Hue "

          Nguyen Hue invited the scholars at that time :  La Son Phu Tu Nguyen Thiep,
Tran van Ky, Ngo thoi Nham, together with the talented generals as Dang tien Dong, Tran quang Dieu, Nguyen van Dung, Bui thi Xuan. Dang tien Dong was Do Doc Muu, who won the famous historical battle of Dong Da. Bui thi Xuan , a first special female general in VietNam history, had the talent and courage. 

       Quang Trung Nguyen Hue had an creative idea in the traditional Kung Fu to establish for his soldiers who fight under the victorious pink flag. Just less than 40 days, since the army started moving from Phu Xuan ( 11/22/1788 ) in addition to 5 days of  attacking,  his army had swept out 200,000 enemies, won the victories at Gian Khan, Ha Hoi,
  Ngoc Hoi, Dong Da with the movements like the thunders.

           Under the magnificant flag with pink color like a fresh peach flower which flying close to the military uniforms with the smell of  gun smoke of  the Tay Son hero, more and more young men in the rebellion moved  like the water  fall to destroy all  the plans of the enemy. the fire of Dong Da in the Spring of the Ky Dau 1789, like a storm, had burned the proud, cruel soldiers of Man Thanh, to liberate the nation.

         From a super leader of  the peasants, Quang Trung Nguyen Hue became a nation wide great hero, a genious in the military, a famous general, who had only victories. Most of all, the glorious success of the Tay Son  troop was  a historic , glorious epos of  the nation, famous  until now, marked the historic period of  Dai Viet  people.


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